Our story

XSoftware is an Italian IT start-up that takes care of guaranteeing services with more modern technologies and tailors, we offer tailor-made services for the customer.

We provide hosting for websites, cloud, email and management that can then be sewn to need of our customers through customization of our existing programs or the creation of tailor-made programs.

The strength of our services is the “Open Source” philosophy, that is the “Source” programs Open “which are all those programs that share how the program was created to allow anyone to improve it or study it, this guarantees a much higher quality than the classic “Closed Source” programs or “Closed Source”.

From Programmers For People

XSoftware is an Italian software development team that believes in the Open Source philosophy.
We offer services related to the Software that we produce so as to guarantee unparalleled assistance.


Software Marketing

We offer our Software Marketing services to make your business more profitable through analysis social network and site statistics, advice on target customers and much more!


Made in Italy hosting

We provide the space for our Italian Servers to create the most popular Web services.

We provide Mail Services, Web Sites, Cloud, Management and many others!

Bandiera Italiana

Unmatched speed

Our servers are among the best performing on the market, to guarantee you a smooth and fast experience even for the heavier applications.

Modern resource virtualization technologies allow resources to be used only when necessary, as well to have an extra gear!


SSL Certificates

For all web hosting we provide and renew SSL certificates for free.

This security standard will allow you not to put your data at risk and increase your rankings of search engines!


European Security

We guarantee the maximum security systems required by European regulations.
SSL Certificates, Daily Backups and Constant Vulnerability Monitoring are just some of our systems Security!


Our Services

E-Mail on the domain

We provide the E-Mail space to have a custom domain email box as user@my-domain.com.

Make your e-mail professional and personal with us!


Your data, always available

Our data centers allow you to securely manage your data, thanks to the most modern cloud technologies computing.
If you’ve never experienced the usefulness of having an online space for your data, this is the right time!


Your Website

We provide the Web space with WordPress, the most popular and appreciated Content Management System (CMS) for production of professional websites or blogs.

Its strength lies in the great variety of additional software, in fact we provide all our software pre-installed and free!


Your activity

A fundamental element for a modern activity is the management of production procedures, for this reason we offer hosting and Odoo support.

Odoo is an ERP Manager (“Enterprise resource planning”) among the most important and powerful on the market, so why not start using it for free!


Technologies used

Facebook API

We use Facebook services to integrate market analysis and develop applications.

Thanks to the acquisition of Instagram we also provide applications for the latter.



GitLab is the platform where we work and develop the code.

This site allows you to join a global network of developers that allows us to share, improve, integrate and publish our code.


Linux Container

Linux Containers are a modern operating system virtualization technology.
This guarantees a much greater security and management of hardware resources than the classic systems of virtualization.

Linux Container


NextCloud is the Cloud software we use to provide our Cloud Hosting services.

Enable productivity on any platform, in the office or on the road, to share, collaborate and communicate beyond the boundaries of the organization.

Protect, control and monitor data and communications throughout your company. Ensures compliance with i business and legal requirements.



Odoo is an ERP Manager (“Enterprise resource planning”) among the most important and powerful on the market.

Odoo is the best management software for a company.



WordPress is the most popular and appreciated Content Management System (CMS) for producing professional websites or blog, its strength lies in the great variety of plugins and extensions.

In fact, even this site uses WordPress to ensure efficiency and stability.